Zetta VP of Products to Speak at Cloud Expo

Zetta VP of Products to Speak at Cloud Expo
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Zetta VP of Products to Speak at Cloud Expo

Enterprise cloud storage service provider Zetta today announced the general availability of Zetta Data Protect for Linux, at the same time as the beta release of ZettaMirror™ 2.5, the client-side agent of Zetta Data Protect. ZettaMirror 2.5 includes new functionality, such as client-side transport deduplication, that offers current and future customers new capabilities and significant performance increases. Zetta will be demonstrating the upgraded solution at Cloud Expo in New York City, where Chris Schin, vice president of products at Zetta, will talk about “Questions You Should Ask a Cloud Service Provider…and Good Answers” in his session on June 6 at 2:40 p.m. local time.

Zetta Data Protect immediately and securely replicates and protects data offsite. Previously available for Microsoft Windows environments, Zetta Data Protect is now also generally available for all popular Linux environments, including RedHat, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, and SUSE.

ZettaMirror™ 2.5, available as a free upgrade for existing customers, includes client-side transport deduplication, via sub-file difference detection in its synchronization, improving replication efficiency up to 99 percent, and adds the ability to auto-exclude data from syncs via filtering by date range, size range, or specific directories and file paths.

Transport deduplication combined with Zetta’s block-based snapshot technology replicates full backups every day for a fraction of the storage cost, with substantially better performance than traditional deduplication technologies. The new upgrade also includes enhanced notifications and networked drive mapping improvements, resulting in better backup of network drives for increased protection of customers’ mission-critical data.

“Customers are seeing 10 to 20 times improvements in sync times using the new ZettaMirror 2.5 client,” says Chris Schin, Zetta vice president of products. “This release continues an impressive series of customer-driven new features and performance improvements rolled out by Zetta over the past nine months.”

Zetta Software Upgrade Increases Data Transfers by Almost Ten Times

Zetta announced ZettaMirror™ 2.0, an agent software upgrade that provides up to ten times the performance (data transfers) and enhanced controls for its cloud storage solution. ZettaMirror is part of the Zetta Data Protect™

ZettaMirror intelligently replicates local data to a Zetta Virtual Volume, creating a “primary-class” second copy of the data that is always available online. Among the new features are a longer, more flexible snapshot-based version history, allowing users to save snapshots for thirty days, six months, seven years, or more; the ability to sync and replicate multiple data sources from a single ZettaMirror agent; a faster, lower overhead data sync option that runs in a fraction of the time, especially for large data sets; and options for client-side resource throttling for bandwidth and disk I/O.

The company recently announced that it had quadrupled its storage footprint in the past six months, adding customers in various vertical industries from education to technology and business services. Among Zetta’s customers are UCLA, Didit, The Aura Group, WhippleHill Communications, New York School of Interior Design, Northwestern Health Sciences University, Saga Communications, MSProjectExperts, and Pictela.

Zetta User Honored as SNW Best Practices Award Finalist

One of these customers, The Aura Group, an interactive advertising agency, will be honored at SNW as a finalist in the Best Practices in Virtualization and Cloud Computing category of the SNW Best Practices Award program.

“SNW’s Best Practices Awards Program honors an elite group of IT management organizations that have demonstrated excellence in IT infrastructure deployment. Storage management is at the center of IT infrastructure and IT management and these finalists have shown they are on the leading edge of innovative technologies,” said John Amato, vice president and publisher, Computerworld. “In the face of the past few years of economic turmoil that for many meant budget cuts and staff downsizing, these finalists have continued to innovate and deliver measurable business value. We are pleased to honor the achievements of these 20 finalists who have unlocked the true value of managing today’s information infrastructure.”

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