Leaders of the STEM world united in the new publication of Innovative ICT

The Cybervolunteers Foundation, a pioneering organization in technological volunteering and whose goal is to transform people's lives thanks to technology, today publishes the InnovadorASTIC 2021 book, with exclusive interviews with women referents of the 21st century. This latest edition can now be downloaded, for free, on the Innovadorastic website.

Thanks to this publication, the Cybervolunteers Foundation promotes the visibility of women who have stood out for their discoveries, entrepreneurship work or their professional trajectory to serve as a model for future generations. In this last edition you can read interviews by Gemma Galdon, Carla Pereira, Laura Morrón, Rosario Ortiz, Paula López, Patricia Muñoz, Carla Zaldua, Pascuala García, Marta Macho, Sara Bertrán, Elena Ceballos, Ana Medina, Andrea García, María Pérez.

Free download of the Innovadorastic 2021 book

The book includes 13 interesting conversations with some of the brightest women in Spain in the fields of entrepreneurship and technological innovation, working daily against the gender gap and for women's rights in STEM careers. This is the fifth publication of Innovadorastic; however, the previous editions can be downloaded inside to find inspiration from other similar stories that show that the history of technology is also written in women. Thanks to all of them, today future generations have a reference that serves as a guide and a mirror in which to look at each other to realize their ideas.

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